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JN BA-3436 WaterproofEmulsion

JN BA-3436 WaterproofEmulsion


JN BA-3436 WaterproofEmulsion

v Features

JN BA-3436 is a styreneacrylic ester copolymer, specifically designed to improve the softness of thecement, and it has excellent water resistance and alkali resistance. Theproduct is particularly suitable for the manufacture of JS two-componentcement-based waterproof materials, soft and water-resistant two- componentmortar, crack filling materials, waterproof coatings for the roof and ceramicsurface tile adhesives.

v  Advantages

•Excellent compatibility with cement;
• Excellent water and alkali resistance;
• Wide application in many formulas
• Excellent flexibility (EIFS).

v Specifications

Solid  content




Brookfield  viscosity

2002000cps ( 3/60rpm/25℃  )

Specific  gravity

About  1.03

Appearance  of dry film

Transparent  and tacky

Latex  particle size

0.20.4 micron

Glass  transition temperature

About  -8

Minimum  film forming temperature


v  Storage

The product should be storedin a tightly sealed container,avoid freezing and high temperature. It should beused up within six months. Suggested normal storage temperature should bebetween 10°C - 35 °C.

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