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JN BA-3435 Waterproof Emulsion

JN BA-3435 Waterproof Emulsion


JN BA-3435 Waterproof Emulsion

v  Function

JN BA-3435 WaterproofEmulsion is a new generation styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion for cement-basedwaterproof coatings. The product has prominent cement compatibility, hightensile strength, excellent elongation and low water absorption, and all thesequalities make waterproof coating cost effective. JN BA-3435 WaterproofEmulsion does not contain APEO (alkyl phenol polyethylene glycol ether) andaqueous ammonia, ensuring better environmental protection.

v  Advantages:

1, Very high elongation and powder/emulsionratio, saving the recipe cost;
2, Excellent compatibility with cement, mixing well with cement, thus reducingtheformation of lumps and producing smooth films;
3,Low water absorption and low permeability, ensuring the wholenessandexcellent waterproof performance under wet conditions;

4,No aqueous ammonia and very slight odorafter mixture with cement; no APEO (alkyl phenol polyethylene glycol ether) andenvironmentalfriendly.
Typical applications: cement-based waterproof coating; putty(one-component andtwo-component) and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

v  Specifications

Latex  appearance

Milky  white dispersion

Solid  content

55.0 57.0%


6.0 8.0

Viscosity  (Brookfield viscometer)

(3#/  60 rpm /25°C)

400 1,500 cps

Latex  particle size

0.35  micron

Specific  gravity

About  1.04

Minimum  film forming temperature

<0 °C

Glass  transition temperature

- 11 °C

Tensile  strength

0.4  MPa

Elongation  at Break

>  2400

v  Storage

The product should be storedin a tightly sealed container,avoid freezing and high temperature. It should beused up within six months. Suggested normal storage temperature should bebetween 10°C - 35 °C.

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