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JN BA-3434 Waterproof Emulsion

JN BA-3434 Waterproof Emulsion


JN BA-3434 Waterproof Emulsion (One-component)

v Functions

JN BA-3434 WaterproofEmulsion (One-component) is a styrene / acrylate emulsionwhich has very good freeze-thaw stability andmechanical stability. The film it forms has excellent flexibility. This productis suitable for the preparation of high-performance one-component waterproofcoating and high-quality products such as putty. This product is waterproof andalkali-resistant. And it has excellent mechanical properties; its decorativeeffect and protective function are superior.

v Specifications

Polymer  type styrene

Styrene  / acrylic copolymer


Milky  white liquid

Solid  content

56.0 ± 1.0 %

Brookfield  viscosity

400 1,000 cps (#3/60rpm/25°C)

PH (25 °C)

7.0 –  8.5

Average  particle diameter

0.15 0.35 micron



Glass  transition temperature (Tg)

About  -8 °C

Minimum  film forming temperature (MFT)

Lower  than 1 °C

v  Storage

The product should be storedin a tightly sealed container. Avoid freezing and high temperature. It shouldbe used up within six months if possible. Suggested normal storage temperatureshould be between 10°C- 35 °C.

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