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JN BA-3135 Surface Sizing Agent
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JN BA-3135 Surface Sizing Agent
Code: JN BA-3135

JN BA-3135 Surface Sizing Agent

v  Function

JNBA-3135 Surface Sizing Agent is anionic styrene - acrylic copolymer dispersion,and can be widely used in writing paper, wrapping paper, copper plate paper,high-strength corrugated paper, craft liner board, white coated paper and so onfor surface sizing. It helps to improve the paper sizing degree,stiffness, surface strength and other physical properties. Thisproduct is miscible with water in any ratio, and is compatible with cationicstarch, anionic starch, PVA. Its film-forming property is superior toconventional synthetic surface sizing agent.

v  Specifications


Light gray emulsion

Solid content(﹪)





Weak anionic



Shelf life5-30℃)


v Use

Thisproduct is generally mixed with oxidized starch for surface sizing, or can beused alone after being diluted by water. The product is supposed to be added atthe suction side of the starch pump. The proportion of the product as against theabsolute dry pulp is 0.3-1.0% and is subject to change as according to thesizing requirement of the paper.

v  Caution

Theproduct should be stored in cool and shady place5-30℃). Avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v Packing

200 kg1000 kg plastic drum, or according to customerrequirements.

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