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JN BA-3433 Emulsion in Stonelike Coating

JN BA-3433 Emulsion in Stonelike Coating


JN BA-3433 Emulsion in Stonelike Coating

v  Function

JN BA-3433 is astyrene/acrylic acid ester coating emulsion. It is specifically designed forhigh gloss coating formulation in which it demonstrates exceptional gloss andgloss retention, storage stability, calcium-ion stability and resistance toscrub, water, alkali, after-tack. Its low film formation temperature reducesthe usage amount of film formation auxiliaries in the preparation of exteriorwall coatings applied in coldclimate. This new generation stain resistantexterior wall coating emulsion is applicable in semi-gloss and low glosscoating formulation. Since the MFFT is relatively low, the usage amount of filmformation auxiliaries will be further reduced in the preparation of coatings.

v  Specifications

Type  of polymer

Styrene/Acrylic  Acid Ester Polymer


Creamy  White Emulsion

Solid  Content (%)

48.0 ± 1.0

Brookfield  viscosity

200 1,000 cps (#3/60rpm/25°C)

PH  Value (25)

7.0 8.0

Average  Particle Size (μm)

Approximately  0.15



Glass Transition Temperature ()

Approximately  36

MFFT  ()

Approximately  22

v  Storage

The product shall be storedin a tightly sealed container. Avoid freezing and high temperature. Therecommended storage temperature is between 10-30. The shelter life is six months.

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