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JN AA-3402 Elastic High-performance Emulsion

JN AA-3402 Elastic High-performance Emulsion


JN AA-3402 Elastic High-performance Emulsion

v  Function

JN AA-3402 High PerformanceElastic Emulsion is a new generation pure acrylic elastic emulsion which isspecifically designed for exterior walls. This product is the result of theadoption of the latest synthetic technology, possessing the uniquecrack bridging ability. When used as a coating for exterior wall, it hasexcellent elasticity and stain-resistance. Coatings made of JN AA-3402 HighPerformance Elastic Emulsion have excellent weather resistance for exteriorwalls, distinguished wet friction performance as well as very good alkaliresistanceand water resistance. Meanwhile the product has good waterpermeability and air permeability.

v  Specifications

Polymer  type

Pure  acrylic copolymer

Solid  content



Milky  white emulsion


Lower  than 100 CPS (#1/60rpm/25 ° C)

PH  (25°C)

8.5 9.5

Glass transition temperature

About  -10 °C

Minimum film forming temperature

About  3 °C

Average  particle diameter

0.2 0.4 microns



v Storage

The product should be storedin tight-sealed containers, avoid freezing and high temperature.The recommendedstorage temperature is between 10° C~ 35° C. The shelter life is 180 days.

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