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JN AA-3412 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

JN AA-3412 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion


JN AA-3412 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

v  Function

JNAA-3412 High gloss handfeel top coating emulsion is an organic siliconemodified acrylic emulsion with self-crosslink core shell structure. The paintfilm has good handfeel, high glossiness and high hardness. It also hasexcellent properties of dry (wet) heat resistance and chemicals resistance. Thehandfeel of film is comfort and smooth, the performance of ageing resistance isexcellent. With its unique chemical structure, the paint coat hascharacteristics like low surface tension and insensitive of additives. Theemulsion is ease to control the levelling effect of film of water-based pain,and its film has good pollution resistance.

v  Specifications

Solid Content%


pH Value


Viscosity  (mPa.s 25)




v  Application

It is recommended touse for the formula of clear top coating with high performance requirement. Thepaint has properties of cigarette burns resistance, coffee resistance, waterresistance, alcohol resistance and acid resistance, these are all up to thenational standard.

v  Packing andstorage

50kg, 125kg, 200kg plastic drums, or packingaccording to customer requirement. Stored them at dry and cool place in 540. Theshelf life is 6 months.

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