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JN AA-3411 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

JN AA-3411 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion


JN AA-3411 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

v  Function

JNAA-3411 fast-dry putty emulsion is an acrylic emulsion with self-crosslinkreticulate structure. It increases the cross-link points of molecular structurebased on JN AA-3409 emulsion. The emulsion improves the gloss of paint film,and also enhances the properties of acid and alkali resistance, dry heatresistance and chemical resistance. The paint coat is fast natural drying, easeto sand into powder, and has properties of wet heat resistance, waterdurability and after-tack resistance. The paint film is non-yellowing and highhardness.

v  Specifications

Solid Content%


pH Value


Viscosity  (mPa.s 25)




v  Application

Itis recommended to use for the formula of high gloss top coating, which couldmake the glossiness of paint film reaching to 88-90GU. The emulsion can beapplied on water-based paint of home decoration and hotel furniture whichrequires high standard of paint film.

v  Packing andstorage

50kg, 125kg, 200kg plastic drums, or packingaccording to customer requirement. Stored them at dry and cool place in 540. Theshelf life is 6 months.

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