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JN AA-3409 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

JN AA-3409 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion


JN AA-3409 Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion (Used for American Opening Style)

v Function

JNAA-3409 is an American opening style wood paint emulsion. It is a self-crossingemulsion polymerized by a variety of acrylic functional monomers. It has theadvantages of high hardness, fast drying speed, easy sanding property,after-track resistance and sensitive trigger reaction by lower pH. Its doublecrosslinking structure endows this product with good resistance to water,alcohol, and stains. Its lower VOC and higher crosslink degree can greatly gointo the wood fiber for the deep grain wood plank.

v Specifications

Polymer type

Pure Acrylic Emulsion


Milky emulsions

Solid content (%)


pH value


Viscosity (mPa.s 25)




v Use

Recommendationone: It is used in the opening paint formula for deep grain wood such aswalnut, ash wood, oak wood and so on.

Thesuggested film-forming additive proportionis DPM: DPNB=5:3 for both the primer and top coating. It is alsocompatible with JN PUD-6420A, which can improve the film’s richness andhighlight the texture. As the content of the hydroxyl is less, it notrecommended to be used singly as color paint emulsion. It can mix with the PUDproduct under the proportion of 7:3 and 6:4, which not only improve the compatibility property with powder,but also reduces the dosage of the film-forming additive.

Recommendationtwo: It can be used in preventing wood fiber ducts from swelling in oak woodpanel.

v Caution

Putemulsion into the stirring vessel, adjust the speed of the dispersion machineat 500rpm; and then well mix the film-forming additives with water in suitableproportion, add the additives into the base emulsion slowly. Next, adjust themachine speed to 700rpm for 5 minutes, and add other additives (wetting agent,flatting agent, deformer and etc.) one by one slowly into the base emulsion.Stirring each additive for 5 minutes, thickening agent should be added lastly.At last, filtering the emulsion with 100-200um filter after stirring and thewhole process finishes.

v  Storage

The product shall be stored in a tightlysealed container. The recommended storage temperature is between 5-40. The shelter life issix months.

v  Packing

50kg,200kg, 1000kg plastic drum.

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