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JN BA-3408a Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

JN BA-3408a Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion


JN BA-3408a Water-based Wood Paint Emulsion

(Used for pine wood furniture)

v  Function

JN AA-3408a is a water-based paintemulsion for pine wood furniture, which is a carboxylated styrene acrylicemulsion. It forms film in room temperature, has good adhesion on base materialof pine wood. The emulsion effectively prevents wood fiber ducts swelling, andboasts high-level transparency. The firm is rich, smooth with high glossiness.

v  Specifications

Polymer type

styrene acrylic emulsion


Light yellow micro-emulsion

Solid Content%




pH Value


Viscosity (mPa.s 25)


Specific Gravity


Hardness of the film


Freeze-thaw stability


TVOC Value


v  Use

The emulsion is recommendedto use white pine as a primer for furniture board. Recommended film-formingadditive proportion is DPMDPNB=5:3.For the base material with serious swelling of wood fiber ducts, it issuggested to sand the primer after 3 hours natural drying. By matching with thetop paint emulsion JN AA-3409, a self-crosslinking emulsion; it will have goodeffect of water resistance, alcohol resistance and anti-pollution. Therecommended film-forming additive proportion for top primer is DPMDPNB=2:4, which provide a rich and glossy film.

v  Caution

Put emulsion into the stirring vessel,adjust the speed of the dispersion machine at 500rpm; and then well mix thefilm-forming additives with water in suitable proportion, add the additivesinto the base emulsion slowly. Next, adjust the machine speed to 700rpm for 5minutes, and add other additives (wetting agent, flatting agent, deformer andetc.) one by one slowly into the base emulsion. Stirring each additive for 5minutes, thickening agent should be added lastly. At last, filtering theemulsion with 100-200um filter after stirring and the whole process finishes.

v  Storage

Theproduct shall be stored in a tightly sealed container. The recommended storagetemperature is between 5-40.The shelter life is six months.

v  Packing

50kg, 200kg, 1000kg plastic drum.

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