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JN HSL-6930 Water-basedHeat Seal Lacquer

JN HSL-6930 Water-basedHeat Seal Lacquer


JN HSL-6930 Water-basedHeat Seal Lacquer

v Function

JN HSL-6930 is avery special water-based polyurethane elastomer particle. This product hasmultipurpose thermoplastic elastomer with evenly distributed short branchchain. It has small permanent deformability and high tensile strength and tearstrength. It is widely used in the European and American market.

v Specifications


Milky white dispersion

Solid content (%)


pH value


Viscosity (mPa.s 25)


Particle Size


Softening Point()

70 (can adjust depend on the requirement)

Breaking  elongation rate

300-1900 (can adjust depend on the requirement)

v Applications

1.       Wear-resistingimprover agent for all kinds of printing inks.

2.       Heatsealing of food packaging: the product can be applied on such materials likefood, candy, cigarette package, chocolate packing paper, film, aluminum foiland etc. The material must be odorless and non-toxic.

3.       Heatsealing of medical disposable materials: sterilized paper, the coating for airpermeability adjustment of the packages used for mothball and otherpharmaceutical preparation.

4.       Improvethe slipperiness of diazotized sensitive paper, film and cigarette package.

5.       Anti-blockingagent

6.       Modificationof emulsions for improving the heat resistance and blocking resistance.

7.       Binderfor non-woven fiber

8.       Additivesfor coating materials

9.       Binderfor recording charts and film

10.   GlassSurface treatment agent and glass fiber bundling agent

v Packing

50kg, 200kg, 1000kgplastic drum. The recommended storagetemperature is between 5-40at dry, cool and shaded place. The shelter life is six months.

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