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JN BA-3909 Laminating Adhesive for Aluminum-plated Film

JN BA-3909 Laminating Adhesive for Aluminum-plated Film


JN BA-3909 Laminating Adhesive for Aluminum-plated Film

v Function

JN BA-3909Laminating Adhesive for Aluminum-plated Film is prepared by polymerizing avariety of monomers with different functions via the adoption of specialsynthetic process. It has strong adhesion, good fluidity and it is easy tooperate.

Field of application: it iswidely used in the lamination of PET aluminum-plated film and cardboard duringthe production of cardboard in gold or silver color in printing-packagingindustry.

v Specifications


milky white bluish liquid



Solid content%




Shelf life540℃)

6 months

v Caution

1. Clean the laminator, pourthe adhesive into adhesive storage tank to circulate for repeated use, or pourit into adhesive groove directly. The temperature in the drying tunnel is 70-95 and the operating speed is around 3050m/min.

2. The adhesive amount is5-10 g/㎡,while air humidity is 60% (25)and paper humidity is 16-20%.

3. The adhesive on bothsides of rubber-covered roller, when not used, is pressed and ground, entersthe groove after curing and may stick to the roll, which may form uneven-sizedfine particles in the laminated cardboard. To avoid this, the adhesive shouldbe added continuously:  bind the suctionhead of the circulation pump with nylon filter clothof 200 # (0.075mm), and filter the adhesive before use

4. A large number of foamsin adhesive groove caused by long-time running of the laminator may result inthe lack of adhesive on parts of rubber-coveredroller.  We have defoamers designed specifically todeal with this. The defoamer can be sprayed on the groove or can be mixed inthe adhesive evenly to do away with the foams.

5. The adhesive cures slowlyin wet weather or humid environment, so it can be adjusted by slowing down themachine to a proper speed or raising the temperature of drying tunnel to acertain degree.

6. The four corners of thelaminated cardboard may turn up. This might be the result of too much adhesivein the laminated cardboard, causing shrinkage. It may also be caused by highmoisture content in the card board, which should be controlled properly.

v Packing

50KG plastic drum, oraccording to customers’ requirement.

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