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JN BA-3906 Water-based Laminating Adhesive

JN BA-3906 Water-based Laminating Adhesive


JN BA-3906 Water-based Laminating Adhesive

v Function

JN BA-3906 Water-based LaminatingAdhesive is a top quality product that is water-based and environmentalfriendly, applicable to the general requirement of lamination on paperproducts, but not applicable to embossing, concave-convex process or demandingafter-treatment process. The product has the following functionalcharacteristics:

1. Super coatability,applicable to be used on full-automatic or semi-automatic dry laminatingmachine;

2. Excellent application inthe lamination of OPP / PET film and papers, strong adhesive force, and goodpowder hiding property.

3. Wonderful glossiness andtransparency, and resistance to ageing and yellowing.

4. Environmentally friendlyproperty, and can be applied to the process of packages for food, medicine,tobacco and alcohol, books, children's toys and so on.

5. After use, just clean themachines and tools by using natural water, thus improving the productionenvironment, thoroughly eliminating fire incidents that may be caused by staticelectricity from the lamination process of solvent-based laminating adhesive..As there is no need for dilution by solvents, production cost 6is reduced andthe physical health of workers is guaranteed.

6. This product is up to andhas passed the European Union environmental standards SGS test.  

v Specifications


Milky-white or yellowish emulsion, with bluish film.

Mechanical stability

Qualified (after being centrifuged for 10 mins at the speed of 3000 r/min, no precipitate or delamination appears)

Viscosity (cover 4# cups, 25)


pH value


Solid content (%)


v Caution

1. Adjust all indicators ofthe equipment well according to film laminating technology, and do not addwater or other solvents to dilute it during using.

2. The surface tension forcoating of OPP is no lower than 36dyn/cm, and no lower than 42dyn/cm forcoating of PET and the like. Paper printing ink must be completely dry, cleanand smooth. If there is much spray powder, it must be removed, otherwise,laminating quality and the after-treatment properties cannot be guaranteed.

3. Suggested technicalparameters: Amount of adhesive is 8~12 g/square, drying temperature is 65~85, bonding temperature is 85~95, pressure is 15Mpa~18Mpa, specific parameters can beadjusted appropriately according to the lamination process speed and thequality requirements of product.

4. This product needs to bekept in a cool and shady place and should avoid exposure to sunlight, withstorage temperature between 540. Avoidfreezing, for storing the product below 0 for along time will have negative effect on its properties. Please don't mix it withother products. And the product, when left over after application, should besealed tightly for reuse.

v Packing

50KG plastic drums, or packaccording to customer's requirements.

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