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JN PAM-1110 New Retention Aid Agent

JN PAM-1110 New Retention Aid Agent

编号 JN PAM-1110

JN PAM-1110 New Retention Aid Agent

v  Function

JN PAM-1110 New RetentionAid can make the fillers in pulp firstly coagulate and bind with the fibers andthen react to the fine fiber in pulp, forming a new and uniform conjugatestructure, which plays a role in improving fine fiber retention, speeding upthe pulp dehydration, reducing the concentration of white water and theconsumption of pulp.

v  Specifications


Colorless transparent viscous liquid

pH:original  liquid

3.0 5.0



Shelf life5-30℃)


v  Use

This product can be dilutedwith 20 times fresh water, then add it at the proportioning box. Add theproduct at the outlet of the pressure screen when adding continuously (on-linedilution). The dosage is 3 to 8 kg for per ton of dry weight paper.

v  Caution

Do not mix with the chemicals anion. Theproduct should be stored in a cool place (5 ~ 30 ) and avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v  Packing

25 kg200 kg1000 kg plastic drum, or according tocustomer requirements.

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