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JN PAM-1109 Cationic Flocculant

JN PAM-1109 Cationic Flocculant

编号 JN PAM-1109

JN PAM-1109 Cationic Flocculant

v  Function

JN PAM-1109 Cationic Flocculantsacts as fixing agent for fillers, small fibers and sizing agents. It improvesthe retention rate of small fibers and fillers, reduces waste, concentration ofwhite water consumption of pulp, improves paper ash, reduces pollutionemissions, but also improves the paper drainage capacity of the wire end of thepaper machine. Thus the product increases machine speed, production whileimproving the paper quality, opacity, evenness, print ability and absorption.

v  Specifications


White viscous emulsion

Solid content(﹪)






1.0%溶液粘度 (mPa.s 25)


Shelf life5-30℃)

60 days

v  Use

Firstly, dilute the productover 300 times with fresh water until the primary liquid is 0.3% of the wholedilution. Then add it with a general dosage of 0.5-0.8 KG for per ton papercontinuously before the stuff is put on the wire. If it is used as fillerretention agent, it can be put directly in the filler stirring bucket with ageneral dosage of 5-10 KG for per ton of stone powder.

v  Caution

The product has good flow but it willbecome more viscous when contacting water, therefore avoid contacting waterduring transport and storage. The product should be stored in a cool and shady place (5 ~ 30 ). Avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v  Packing

25 kg200 kg1000 kg plastic drum, or according tocustomer requirements.

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