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JN AZC-1116 Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate Repellents

JN AZC-1116 Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate Repellents

编号 JN AZC-1116

JN AZC-1116 Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate Repellents

v  Function

JN AZC-1116 AmmoniumZirconium Carbonate is an very effective cross-linking agent for theimprovement of paper surface strength. This is a new generationenvironmental-friendly water resistant cross-linking agent in place of aminoresins, glyoxal cross-linkers and does not contain formaldehyde or otherorganic matters. It cross-links effectively with styrene-butadiene latex,acrylic latex or adhesives containing carboxyl. It can make the paper coatingwater-proof and increase the surface strength of paper. The product can be usedbetween a wide range of pH values (5.5-10.5). The paper processed with thisproduct has excellent water–resistance capacity after it is taken off the papermachine without going through long-term storage or stages of drying. Thisproduct can be used for food packaging, and is widely used in coated paper,white cardboard, cast coated paper, white paper, computer printing paper,specialty paper, etc.

v  Specifications


Colorless transparent liquid

Solid content(﹪)







Unstable in acid


Soluble in water in all proportions

Shelf life5℃~30℃)


v  Use

The adding amount of the product (undilutedliquid) is 0.2% to 0.8% of pigment weight. Add the product in the final processof coating preparation. Before adding, the optimal pH value for the painting isbetween 8-10.

v  Caution

The product should be storedin a cool and shady place (5 ~ 30 ). Avoidfreezing and sun exposure. Avoid contacting with copper ions and strong acid .It’sunstable in acid medium.

v  Packing

25 kg 200 kg1000 kgplastic drum, or according to customer requirements.

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