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JN AF-5102 Grease-proof Water-Resistant Agent

JN AF-5102 Grease-proof Water-Resistant Agent

编号 JN AF-5102

JN AF-5102 Grease-proof Water-Resistant Agent

v  Function

JN AF-5102 is a fluorocarboncompound sizing agent. It resists the permeation of many kinds of liquids(greases and oils in particular), improves water-proof capacity of the paperand paper board without meanwhile changing their porosity, flexibility, gaspermeability, appearance and wet strength. JN AF-5102 is widely used in suchareas as food wrapping paper, water-resistant grease-proof paper and industrialwater-resistant grease-proof paper. The paper and paperboard treated by JNAF-5102 is mainly used for food packaging products, like fast-food paper box,wrapping paper, packaging bags for snacks and convenient food; meanwhile theycan also be used to prevent the permeation of lotions, surfactants, detergentsand organic solutions.

v  Specifications


Milky white liquid

Solid content (﹪)

17.0 ±1%





Shelf life 530

45 days

v  Use

1. For internal sizing (mainly used in pulp molding)

Stir the product well, and dilute it 20-50 times withwater, then add it into the paper pulp (concentration of which is 1-2%)..Whenthe mixture becomes homogeneous, the molding and drying process is ready.Usually the drying temperature is between 100-130. Thedosage of JN AF-5102 Grease-proof Water-resistant Agent is about 0.8%-1.0% ofthe absolute dry weight of the paper pulp.

2.     Forexternal sizing (mainly for food packaging)

Adhesive used: 0.2% ~ 1.0%(JN AF-5102 primary liquid as per the absolute dry weight of the paper pulp);coating amount: 0.1g / ~ 0.3g / (JNAF-5102 primary liquid).

Standard drying temperature:100 ~ 130 .

v Caution

1 The product is a cationicsystem, which should not be mixed up with any anionic system directly; dilutethe product before mixing up with other auxiliaries.

2 Avoid freezing or exposingto sunlight. Store in a ventilated place with the temperature between 5-35.

3 The product is notdangerous and is suitable for general cargo transportation. The spilloverobjects can be washed with water.

v Packing

25KG200KG or 1000KG plastic drums, or according tocustomers’ requirements.

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