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     JN PAM-1104 Paper Dry Strength Agent

     JN PAM-1104 Paper Dry Strength Agent

编号 JN PAM-1104

JN PAM-1104 Paper DryStrength Agent

v  Function

JN PAM-1104 Paper DryStrength Agent is the improved version of JN PAM-1103, and with a greaternumber of hydrogen bondings, resulting in better strengthening effects.Improved molecular weight and hence greater molecular volume makes the producteasier to remain in the fiber. This product has good strengthening effect notonly on ordinary papers but also on waste papers with fine fiber and morefillers. This product will be your first and best choice for the enterpriseswhich hope to improve the paper quality and reduce costs.

1 greaternumber of hydrogen bondings

2 biggermolecular weight, easier to remain in fiber

3 has goodstrengthening effect also on waste papers with fine fiber and more fillers

v  Specifications


Viscous transparent liquid

Solid content(﹪)



3.5 5.0


3000 12000 mpa.s



Shelf life5℃~30℃)

90 days

v  Use

Dilute the product around15-30 times with cold fresh water and then add to the stuff after stirring theproduct uniformly. The dosage of JN PAM-1104 is 10-20 KG for per ton of paper.Generally add the product to the position where it can mix fully with thestuff, so the optimal position is between full stuff tower exit and fan pumpentrance.

v  Caution

Use plastic or stainlesssteel as a product tank, dilution tank or piping because ferrous materials willcause corrosion and tack which will reduce the effect. Do not mix with otherchemicals. It must be put in shady place around 5-30 and avoid freeze and sun exposure.

v  Packing

200kg 1000kg plastic drum, or according to customerrequirements.

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