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JN SS-1306 Stiffening Agent

JN SS-1306 Stiffening Agent


JN SS-1306 Stiffening Agent

v Introduction

This product is apolymerization emulsion of vinyl acetate, acrylates, and other high polymer materials;it is suitable for stiffening finish for all kinds of fibers.

v Specifications


Milky white stiff glue solution

Active  ingredient (%)





4.5 to 6.5

Viscosity (mPa.s)



Soluble in water  (capable of being dissolved into water in any ratio)


Capable of being dissolved with some anion/ nonionicauxiliaries, and please dilute in advance while

used in common with cationic auxiliaries.

v Features

1. The fabric stiffeningfinishing agent has good adhesion on fabrics, and has a good film-formingproperty, it can give a stiffening hand feel to fabrics, and has a certainwashing resistance after high temperature treatment.

2. The fabric stiffeningfinishing agent has no irritating smell inapplication.

3. The stability in adissolving tankWithin 12 hours (high temperatureresistance). Use the product as early as possible after size mixing.

4. It is environmentalfriendly, and its PPM indicators are up to the international standard. We canprovide inspection reports by authoritative organizations, and we also can meetthe hardness standard as required by our customers.

v Use

Different dosages are usedin accordance with the required hand feel.

Proposed dosage: the dosageof cotton should be in a range of 15 to 20g/l using a method of dipping-rolling,the specific dosage should be determined by the fabrics tissue and the hardnesslevel of the to-be-finished fabrics. In the process, dipping-rolling comesfirst, , and then followed by drying. The washing dosage for the product is ina range of 20 to 30g/l, and the fabric becomes stiffened only after drying. Thedosage of dip dyeing for the product should be 5.0 to 8.0g/l, and after thefabrics are soaked uniformly and thoroughly in a dye vat, then dry them..

v Packing and Storage

125kg drum. Store in a cool and shady place (5 to 35degrees centigrade) . The shelf life is 6 months. Avoid overheating andfreezing. The room temperature is suitable for storage, and add antifreeze ifthe temperature is lower than 0 degree centigrade.

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