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JN PAM-1302 Reactive Dye-fixing Agent

JN PAM-1302 Reactive Dye-fixing Agent


JN PAM-1302 Reactive Dye-fixing Agent

v  Introduction

Theproduct is used to improve the color fastness to wet treatment of the dyedfabric. It can improve the color fastness to washing and perspiration throughforming non-soluble colored matters with the dyes on the fabric, and sometimesit can also improve the color fastness to sunlight. The product is also usedfor color fixing after dyeing of the cotton by active, direct and sulfur dyes.It can “bridge” between the dyes and the fibers to form compound, namely toreact with the dye molecules while cross-linking with the cellulosic fibers, toform highly diversified cross-linking system, thus to firmly combine togetherthe dyes and fibers, prevent the dyes from falling out of the fibers, andimprove the dye fastness. The active matters in the coloring fixing agent cancondensate with each other and form a three-dimensional film with reticulatestructure on the fiber surface to seal the dyes, thus improve the smoothness ofthe fabric, reduce friction coefficientpreventwear and tear, and further avoid swelling, dissolution and falling of the dyesin the process of wet friction, and finally improve fastness to wet friction.

v Specifications


Light yellow to amber viscous liquid

Main component

Cationic quaternary ammonium salt



PH1.0% water solution


active ingredient%



Easily soluble  in water

v Use

Light color 1 – 2% o.w.f
Neutral color 2 – 4% o.w.f
Dark color 3 – 6% o.w.f.
According to specific fabric and dye, the dosage may vary. The value above isfor reference only.
Treatment temperature: 70 – 80

Time: 20 – 30min
Bath ratio: 1:15 to 20 treatment
rinse bywater
One-bath treatment:
After dyeing, decrease the temperature to 70 - 80
, and addquantitative acid color fixing agent for color fixingrinsingdrying

v Packing and storage

125kg/plastic drum, keepaway from direct sunlight, the shelf life is 3 months.

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