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JN PUD-6031 Water-based Polyurethane Dispersion

JN PUD-6031 Water-based Polyurethane Dispersion


JN PUD-6031 Water-based Polyurethane Dispersion

v  Function

It is high gloss aliphaticwater-based polyurethane dispersion, resisting high temperature(anti-after-tack at 120), alkali and ethyl alcohol and othersolvents, scratch, buckling and yellowing. It can be applied on high-gradesurface for gloss finish, with good adhesive force, excellent abrasiveresistance and smooth surface. It is water-proof and has no static electricity.It's one of the best products that are resistant to water, alcohols andsolvents.

v  Specifications


Semitransparent bluish liquid, free from mechanical  admixture/impurities

Solid content %




Viscosity (mPa.s)

4080 CPS

v  Use

1. The viscosity can beadjusted appropriately according to the technological process. It can bediluted with deionized water, or thickened by using associative thickener orother aqueous thickener.

2. This product is aqueousanionic. If other colorants or additives need to be added, they should not beacid or cationic materials.

3. Applicable to surfacecoatings of products with waterproof, alcohol-resistant, solvent-resistant andhigh temperature resistant properties, high-grade wood paint of non-yellowingtype, industrial paint, paper and metals, etc.

v  Packing

Package: 125KG/200KG plasticdrums. Store the product in a dry, cool and shady place at 5~40. The shelf life is 6 months in original package.

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