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JN BA-3132b Surface Sizing Agent

JN BA-3132b Surface Sizing Agent

编号 JN BA-3132b

JN BA-3132b Surface Sizing Agent

v  Function

JN BA-3132b Surface SizingAgent is a synthetic copolymer of high molecular cationic emulsifier andstyrene ester monomer. It mixes well with starch and provides the starchcoating with excellent cross-linking strength and hydrophobic property. It’sfeatured by low consumption, free odor, low foaming, long foam inhibition periodand excellent film forming, and it can significantly improve the waterresistance capability and ring pressure strength of corrugated paper andcardboard paper. It is a sufficient substitute for internal sizing agent andhas no maturation period. It is applicable to various types of surface sizingmachines.

v  Specifications


Light yellow to brown  emulsion

Solid content (%)


PH (stock solution)



Easily dispersed in cold  water

Viscosity (mPa.s 25)


Expiration date530℃)

90 days

v  Use

When used together withoxidized starch, the amount of JN BA-3132b surface sizing agent required for aton of paper is 1 to 3 KG. With the appropriate amount of aluminum sulfateadded in the gelatinized starch solution, the positive charge will be increasedto neutralize the interfering negative ion for better sizing effect (it issuggested that the PH value of the starch solution shall be controlled between3.0 and 4.0). Keep adding the product in the suction side of starch adding pumpwith a metering pump for surface sizing; or slowly add it to the starch storagetank while stirring until the mixture becomes homogenious for surface sizing. Itis better to keep the temperature of the sizing solution between 60 and 80 as lower temperature mightstrengthen the viscosityand affect the absorption and penetration of the starchsolution.

v  Caution

Theproduct is non-dangerous goods and can be transported by regular means. Itshould be stored in a cool and shady place(525) and be protected from freezing and sun exposure.

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