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   JN PAM-1105 Paper  Dry Strength Agent

  JN PAM-1105 Paper  Dry Strength Agent

编号 JN PAM-1105

JN PAM-1105 Paper Dry Strength Agent

v  Function

JN PAM-1105 Paper Dry StrengthAgent is a new strength agent designed specially for middle and small-sizepaper machines. Its functions such as good dispersiveness in water make itconvenient to use in the practice. It improves remarkably paper formation andmakes the internal cohesive force of the fibre even and thus improves paperphysical property, increases fines and packing’s retention rate and improvesthe wire drainage rate of the pulp.

v  Specifications


Viscous transparent liquid

Solid content(﹪)



3.5 5.0


500 4000 mpa.s



Shelf life5℃~30℃)

90 days

v  Use

Dilute the product around15-30 times with cold water and then add to the stuff after stirring theproduct uniformly. The dosage of JN PAM-1105 is 15-25 KG for per ton of paper.Generally add the product to the position where it can mix fully with thestuff, so the optimal position is the entrance of full stuff tower, stabilizinghead box or fan pump.

v  Caution

Use plastic or stainlesssteel as a product tank, dilution tank or piping for ferrous materials willcause corrosion and tack which will reduce the effect. Do not mix with otherchemicals. It must be put in shady place around 5-30 and avoid freeze and sun exposure.

v  Packing

200kg 1000kg plastic drum, or according to customerrequirements.

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