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    JN PAM-1103 Paper  Dry Strength Agent

   JN PAM-1103 Paper  Dry Strength Agent

编号 JN PAM-1103

JN PAM-1103 Paper DryStrength Agent

v  Function

JN PAM-1103Paper Dry StrengthAgent in the water-soluble polymer increases the amount of cationic monomer,which greatly improves the dry strength of the fiber adsorption capacity,easier to set the fiber surface. As a high solid content product, thus reducingthe company's transportation costs, long-distance customers to use moreeconomical, the product has a good enhancement to various kindsof Plasma species paper.

BT-10 Paper Dry Strength Agentaugments the per unit amount of cationic monomer in the water-solublehigh-molecular polymer, therefore it significantly improves the fiberabsorption capacity so as to fix them on the fiber surface easily. The highsolid content of the product lowers transportation cost for our customers andbrings economic advantages for our long-distance customers. BT-10 Paper DryStrength Agent can effectively enhance and strengthen papers made of variouskinds of paper pulp.

v Specifications


Viscous transparent liquid

Solid content(﹪)



3.5 5.0


5000 15000 mpa.s



Shelf life5℃~30℃)

90 days

v  Use

.Use Deserted when used withwater dilution,  dilution factor is generally about 15 to 30 times,then the product mix was added to the slurry, BT-10's dosage is 10 ~ 15KG/ T paper. Normally the adding should be at the place between the exit ofmachine chest and entrance of the fan pump.

v  Caution

Use plastic or stainlesssteel as a product tank, dilution tanks, piping and other materials. Such asthe use of ferrous materials will cause corrosion, the product causes thephenomenon of tackifier, reduced enhancement. Do not mix with other chemicals,the product should be stored in a cool and shady place (5~30 °C), avoidfreezing and sun exposure.

v  Packing

200kg 1000kg plastic drum, or according to customerrequirements.

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