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JN PPE-1101Reinforced Wet Strength Agent

JN PPE-1101Reinforced Wet Strength Agent

编号 JN PPE-1101

JN PPE-1101 Reinforced Wet Strength Agent

v  Function

JN PPE-1101 is a recently developedreinforced wet strength agent. Different from traditional wet strength agents,this product contains additional special monomer, and reduces the amount of theproduct for per ton of paper and production cost. By using the product, thequality of the finished paper will be greatly improved. In addition tosignificant improvement of the dry and wet strength of the paper, it also facilitatesretention and filtering and effectively reduces linting and picking. JNPPE-1101 is up to the hygienic standards of food industries, and makes thepaper skin-friendly.  

Applicable to toilet papers,packing papers, cultural papers, mosaic tissue papers, etc., which require highwet strength.

v  Specifications


Light yellow to amber transparent solution

Solid content (%)


pH value


Viscosity (mPa.s 25)

10 - 70

Shelf life (5 - 30)

45 days

v  Use

Dilute the original solutionwith cold fresh water with a proportion of 1:10 or lower and add into themachine chest; or alternatively, dilute the solution and add in succession intothe section from the exit of the machine chest to the head box. For toiletpaper the reference dosage is 5 – 10kg/ton paper, and for other papers,according to specific requirement.

v  Caution

When diluting the product,use cold fresh water only, and never use warm water, tail water or other watercontaining anionic interferent. Store the product at cool and shady place (5 -30 the avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v  Packing

25kg200kg 1000kg plastic drum, or according tocustomer requirement.

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