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JN WAX-1132 Cation Waterproof Agent

JN WAX-1132 Cation Waterproof Agent

编号 JN WAX-1132

JN WAX-1132 Cation Waterproof Agent

v Function

JN WAX-1132 Anion Waterproofand Dampproof Agent can mix with styrene-butadiene latex or other anioniclatex. It also can be used for surface sizing process to enhance the paper'smoisture resistance. It has good water solubility. When treated with thisproduct, specialty papers boast excellent water repellency, like lotus leafwhose surface allows not a single drop of water to stay or penetrate.

v Specifications


White emulsion

Solid content(﹪)



3.0 5.0

Shelf life5-30℃)


v Use

Generally add it into thefull stuff tower or head box for internal sizing. Generally the dosage is20-80kg for per ton of dry weight paper; the dosage for surface sizing is5-15kg for per ton of dry weight paper.

v Caution

Prohibit from contacting ormixing with anionic substances. This product should be stored in a cool andshady place (5 ~ 30 ),avoiding freezing and sun exposure.

v Packing

25 kg200 kg1000 kg plastic drum, or according tocustomer requirements

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