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JN SS-1111 Stiffening Agent

JN SS-1111 Stiffening Agent

编号 JN SS-1111

JN SS-1111 Stiffening Agent

v  Function

Paper Stiffening Agent isdifferent from ordinary polymer dry strength agent and it has strongadaptability to different stocks, and is not easy to be influenced by otherfactors. This product is applicable to packaging paper, culture paper,household paper cardboard and other papers which havestrict requirements for paper stiffness.

1 strong adaptability todifferent stocks

2 not easy to be influencedby other factors

3 applicable to packagingpaper, culture paper, household

v  Specifications


Thick pink transparent liquid

Solid content(﹪)


Shelf life5℃~30℃)

90 days

v  Use

Dilute the product with 10times fresh water or more if it is added in the pulp. Add after refining. Thegeneral dosage is 3 ~ 6KG for per ton of dry weight paper. The product can alsobe used in surface sizing The general amount is 5 ~ 15 KG for per ton of dryweight paper.


This product is acidic; avoid direct contactwith the skin. In case of accidental contact with skin, rinse immediately withplenty of water. The product should be stored in a cool and shady place (5 ~ 30 ), avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v  Packing

25 kg 200 kg1000 kgplastic drum, or according to customer requirements.

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