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JN CR-1135 Cationic Rosin Size

JN CR-1135 Cationic Rosin Size

编号 JN CR-1135

JN CR-1135 Cationic Rosin Size

v Function

JN AR-1135Cationic RosinSize is positively charged emulsion made from rosin and cationic polymericsurfactants through the use of the world's leading high-pressure homogenizationtechnique. It has less dependence on aluminum sulfate, and is capable of sizingover a wide pH range, thus the paper made with this product is not brittle oryellow as tacidic papermaking paper. In this way, neutral sizing effect isachieved. When sizing, anionic dispersed rosin size or AKD size can be directlyswitched to this product without the adjustment of process and equipment. Thisproduct has strong adaptability to a variety of fillers like CaCO3, talcumpowder and so on. It is suitable for high temperature sizing and is capable ofsignificantly reducing the dosage of size in summer and therefore eliminatingsummer sizing impediments. This product serves as an alternative to sizingagents such as anion dispersed rosin emulsion, AKD sizing agent and so on. It issuitable for wrapping paper, cultural paper, specialty paper, etc.

v Specifications


Oyster white liquid

Solid content(﹪)




Specific gravity



Disperse in cold water

Shelf life5℃~30℃)

90 days

v Use

1. Addition method: addstuff, starch and aluminum stearate to stock chest, then mix things up. After20minutes, add the product to manufacture paper with pulp.

2. Mixing method: add stuff,starch and aluminum stearate respectively to stock chest, mix them up. Then addthe product with the liquid level sensor to manufacture paper with pulp.

3. For cultural paper, woodfree paper and other kinds of tissue paper, the dosage of cationic rosin sizeis 0.3-1.2%; for height sized paper is 2.03.5%.

4. Suggestion for dosage ofaluminum sulphate is 15-30 kilo per ton of paper, PH for sizing agent is4.5-6.5, PH for pure water is 5.0-6.5.

v Caution

1. The product belongs tothe cationic system. Avoid to mix with anion system directly in case of gel.Keep away from the steel containers.

2. As the product is a kindof emulsion, avoid freezing and sun exposure, keep it under the condition of5-35.

3. The product isnon-dangerous goods, by conventional transportation. Wash up if leakagehappens.

v Packing

50kg200kg1000kg plastic drum, or according tocustomer requirements.

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