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JN AKD-1145 Surface Sizing Agent

JN AKD-1145 Surface Sizing Agent

编号 JN AKD-1145

JN AKD-1145 Surface Sizing Agent

v  Function

JN AKD-1145 is a newgeneration of surface sizing agent that is researched and developed by ourcompany independently. It is made from macromolecular material with uniqueprocess. The product boasts excellent film-forming ability. It can form a waterresistant layer on the surface of paper and cure rapidly, thus demonstrating agreat sizing effect. Besides, it has the benefits of small usage amount, lowcost, and it is easy to use, making it an ideal and wide application to writingpaper, packaging paper, wood-free paper, copying paper, coated art paper,high-strength corrugated paper, Kraftliner board and etc.

The product may replace partor all of internal sizing agent, hence lowering the cost of sizing. Itdemonstrates a great sizing effect after surface sizing. Since the sizing is maintainedon the surface of paper, the paper is thus endowed with excellent waterresistant property. The application of this product greatly improves thesurface strength and printability of paper, ensuring high fidelity, good gloss,dimensional beauty and significantly avoids picking, linting and pasting platein printing. It can be widely used in different surface sizing equipment. Whenused in conjunction with starch, excellent surface strength, stiffness andwater resistance can be ensured. The product also boasts great mechanicalstability and produces little foam, hence no antifoam agent is needed.

v Specifications


White Emulsion

Solid Content (%)


pH Value


Viscosity (mPa.s 25 oC)





Easily Soluble in Water

Shelf Life(5-30 oC)

30 days

v Use

1. The product is normallyused together with cationic starchor in combination with other types of surfacesizing starch. But compatibility test prior to formal use is recommended whencombined with other types of surface sizing starch. The product is used withstarch paste (concentration: 6-10%) with a temperature between 50-80, and the optimum working temperature shall be 50-75. Higher temperature shall be avoided. Otherwise, theproduct may not function at its best.

2. Feeding point: Thesuction end of a starch feeding pump is recommended to serve as feeding point.

3. Usage amount: The usageamount of this product shall be 0.3-1.0% of that of bone-dry pulp. Customersmay also adjust the usage amount in accordance with different requirements ofsizing on different types of paper.

v  Caution

The product shall be storedin a cool and shady place , avoid freezing and sun exposure.

v Packing

200 kg, 1000 kg plasticdrum, or according to customer requirements.

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