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JN AKD-1137 Complex Sizing Agent

JN AKD-1137 Complex Sizing Agent

编号 JN AKD-1137

JN AKD-1137 Complex Sizing Agent

v  Function

JN AKD-1137 Complex Sizing Agent is the most recent production of internal sizingagent which boasts a variety of functions. It can simplify the papermakingprocess by replace all the sizing agent and retention system. It not onlyenables the paper get excellent performance, but also significantly improvesproduction efficiency, reduces costs and enhances economic benefits. Thisproduct is suitable for internal sizing in the production of cement bag paper,liner paper and corrugated paper and the culture paper made with recycledfibers.

v  Specifications


White emulsion

Solid content(﹪)



2.0 4.0




Disperse in cold water

Shelf life5-30℃)


v  Use

Generallyadd the agent in fan pump or pressure screen. The optimal pH value for top wirestuff is between 6 to 8. The general dosage is around 6-15 KG for per ton ofpaper according to different kinds of stuff and paper. Increase the dosageappropriately for the first time and then adjust to the suitable dosage whenthe system is stable.

v  Caution

Nomixture with other products.This product should be stored in a cool and shady place(5 ~ 30 ), avoidfreezing and sun exposure.

v  Packing

25 kg 200 kg1000 kgplastic drum, or according to customer requirements.

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